Consulting and project evaluation

Consulting and project evaluation by Fars Company improves processes, infrastructure and project management systems in the employer’s organization.

 This issue can guarantee the success of projects to a great extent. Each project has its own complexities in terms of dimensions and variety, the outputs of which depend on the type of project management systems governing the organization. Project management is the integration of organization structure for the successful completion of projects.

The task of the project consultants in Fars Company is initial assessment, review of solutions, identification of obstacles and finally comprehensive planning to help the organization in order to improve the processes of control, implementation and finally project management.

Understanding the business and needs of each organization beyond the current conditions, using the latest technology and global standards in the field of information and communication technology infrastructure, project evaluation services and consulting from the location stage to providing a comprehensive solution and finally preparing the RFP. Holding tenders or optimal implementation of projects at different levels is another capability of the Fars company team.

Fars Company has several years of experience in the field of evaluating and providing advice to organizations, companies and large state banks and providing LOM, LOS, Detail Design, Conceptual Design in the field of information and communication technology infrastructures, in specialized fields. Optical fiber networks of local area networks and data centers have enabled more effective and useful operation for employers and business owners.

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