Project support and maintenance

The support team of Fars company consists of experts specializing in the maintenance of computer networks, optical fiber lines and data centers, ready to provide support and maintenance services to your organization
Support and maintenance of computer networks, optical fiber lines and data centers is common and common work, and neglecting this issue can cause serious damage to implemented projects and employers
In addition, to meet all the needs of an organization’s networks in different layers, different people with different knowledge levels should be employed
Consulting in the field of setting up network services and solving previous problems along with documentation before and after the changes are among the distinctive services of Fars Company
Systematic reporting and recording of all project stages in Fars Company has made the information between our experts coherent and therefore any problem that arises in the network structure of your organization can be tracked and resolved quickly and with high security
The periodic presence of Fars company experts on a specific day and time at the employer’s location, control of support checklists by experts, solving user problems by phone and remote online communication are among the services of Fars company in this field
Our company will help you in understanding the real needs of the organization in this field and allocating the appropriate budget to this department, and according to the wide range of services, if requested by the subscribers, the support services of Fars Company are provided to the organizations

Other Services