Network analysis and optimization

In addition to consulting, designing and implementing information and communication technology infrastructure networks, Fars Company implements networks based on new BICSI methods and standards for data centers and computer networks and based on FOA World Fiber Association standards.

Network optimization refers to a wide range of tools, strategies and best practices for monitoring, managing and improving network performance

In today’s competitive and dynamic business environment, just having a network is not enough. As we move into the digital age, the world becomes more and more dependent on reliable, fast, secure, available and 24-hour data transmission

Poor infrastructure or old hardware or bad software can limit the available bandwidth and cause further delays. Outdated or ineffective network security features can negatively impact network performance and leave systems unprotected

The main goal of network infrastructure optimization is to ensure the best network design and performance at the lowest cost

The network should increase productivity and usability and allow data to be exchanged effectively and efficiently. This is achieved by managing network latency, traffic volume, network bandwidth and traffic direction

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